Press releases

We would like to offer you blast of publications in 500 American media and popular magazines such as "Fox news", "Digital jornial", "The Times", "Wall-street".

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Listing on exchanges

We have a partnership agreement with exchanges on better terms for our partners. You will receive not only help with the application, but also a faster review / listing and a better price

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Placing ICO listing

Your crowdsale will be on 48+ Listings! We have access to more than 108 different trackers, calendars and rating platforms, of which more then half are free. Just 3 days - and your ICO will be placed on 63 free platforms.

Awareness of the audience about the project is the key to its success. Negotiating with platforms is a long, expensive and not always successful business. Some trackers may just refuse to you without any objective reason. We can post information about your blockchain project on free listings and trackers within 3 workdays. The best way to make your coin famous!


PR China & Korea

Complex promotion of your project to the Chinese and Korean crypto-audience.

Traffic comes from 3 channels:

  • 21 Asian crypto-forums
  • 25 Press-releases on Chinese media
  • Promotion from 9 popular WeChat Influencer's accounts
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